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Bienvenidos a Argentina!

Finally back on track with our trip around the world! Even though being “stuck” in California was unexpected, Adam and I had an excellent time. We were able to meet up with a handful of great people who took good … Continue reading

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A Monkey Wrench in the Plans

Our trip around the world has thrown all sorts of surprises at us: elephants storming through our campsite, going to countries we didn’t plan on visiting, having complete strangers offer us shots of moonshine before noon… the list goes on … Continue reading

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Mini-Spanky Vol. 3: Asian Highlights

It’s been forever since Mini-Spanky has made an appearance on Travel Go Lucky, and he was dying to get some face time. Unfortunately, Taj Mahal was the second monument that specifically banned Mini-Spanky from making a visit. Be sure to … Continue reading

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Photo Essay: Portraits of Asia

As Dana and I have travelled throughout the world, I have gotten the best crash-course in photography anyone could ever ask for. But if you would ask me what the scariest type of photo to take on the trip, I … Continue reading

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Scooters, Knock-Offs, and Descending Dragons in Northern Vietnam

Adam and I have been enjoying ourselves in Vietnam:  the weather was great, food was cheap and delicious, and the people were friendly (when they weren’t tugging at your shirt to buy something). Next stop after Nha Trang was Hue … Continue reading

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Gooooooood Afternoon… Vietnam!

As soon as we got off the bus in Saigon aka Ho Chi Minh City, Dana noticed something a little weird. “There’s like no cars, all they have here are scooters,” she said. “So what?” I said. “So, are we … Continue reading

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