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Hong Kong in 36 Hours

Our adventure through Hong Kong began with a long journey to get here. After the Yangtze River cruise Adam and I had to travel on three different modes of transportation, including our last sleeper train in China, a 17 hour … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving from Travel Go Lucky!

Dana and I will be thinking of all our family and friends back in the USA today. We are EXTREMELY jealous of all the turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin pie that will be consumed today without us. Enjoy the … Continue reading

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The Yangtze River Cruise Extravaganza

The next stop on our journey through China was an unexpected one. We looked at continuing to take trains to more destinations through southern China, but then we noticed our hostel in Chengdu advertised a “Yangtze River Cruise” for three … Continue reading

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Chengdu: Kung-Fu Pandas and Mouth-Numbing Peppers

Our trip to Chengdu from Xi’an had all the familiar feelings of the previous overnight train to do, but with a few improvements. It was the same mosh-pit type of free-for-all that accompanied the first trip, but at least this … Continue reading

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“Baked Earth Soldiers” Just Doesn’t Have the Same Ring to it

Leaving Beijing was quite an adventure. Adam and I first had to run across the street to where the taxi’s were all parked and tried to communicate with the driver that we needed to go to the West side train … Continue reading

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Beijing Part II: Forbidden Cities, Hutongs, and Gold Medals

After all of the excitement of getting engaged at the Great Wall, we still had a lot more sights to see while in Beijing. We headed to the Forbidden City on a beautiful sunny day, which usually follows after a … Continue reading

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A Great Engagement on a Great Wall… Welcome to China!

Waking up in Beijing was a little surreal because it signaled the beginning of a new continent, and here we were, in the captial of the largest country in the world, China. We were also excited to get into the … Continue reading

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Photo Essay: Mini-Spanky visits the Ancients

Here is the latest installment of Mini-Spanky and his travels around the globe, this time checking out Egypt, Jordan, and Greece. Unfortunately, he was refused entry to the Parthenon because it is illegal to take photos of miniature cartoon-like representations … Continue reading

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The Acropolis: The Final Act of our Greek Comedy

Wow… Those are some Big Rocks! On our last day of the trip in Greece, we checked out the world famous site of the Acropolis, which holds in it the Parthenon.  History was never a passion of mine during my … Continue reading

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