Photo Essay: Portraits of Asia

As Dana and I have travelled throughout the world, I have gotten the best crash-course in photography anyone could ever ask for. But if you would ask me what the scariest type of photo to take on the trip, I wouldn’t say the lions, or standing only ten feet away from a silverback gorilla that could rip me apart in seconds. Nope, the scariest type of photos for me are portraits of people. It’s not because the people don’t want their photo taken or I’m worried about being disrespectful, or anything like that, I just freeze up and feel kind of awkward snapping away at someone I just met. 99% of the time the subjects are great, I’m the idiot who feels weird. I’m certain I would feel the same way if I was learning photography back in America. However, I’ve tried to work hard in Asia at getting over this problem, here are a few of the results.

Tala, India

Svay Reing, Cambodia

Kosi Kalan, India

Bukit Lawang, Indonesia

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Hanoi, Vietnam

Tala, India

Tokyo, Japan

Delhi, India

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1 Response to Photo Essay: Portraits of Asia

  1. I agree Adam; peops are tough. I would much rather take photos of landscapes or buildings; they are much more cooperative and better at holding still. Also, I find it a challenge to make people look as good in digital form as they do when I am not behind the lens, but later, these are often the photos I most appreciate, especially if they were of someone I know well or with whom I had a special encounter. These are all quite nice (except maybe for the one in the market focussed more on the bananas or plantains than the women beyond). Thanks for sharing.

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