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The Greek Island Playground of Santorini

The next stop on our tour sent Dana, Adam and myself to Santorini, the crown jewel of the Greek isles.   As the ferry approached this eye captivating island we were surrounded by layered, multi-colored cliffsides that could only be … Continue reading

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By the Beard of Zeus!: Our First Guest Blogger Arrives in Greece

(Editor’s Note: The next two blog posts will be crafted by our good friend Tom. He has traveled all the way from Florida to spend some time with us in Greece…. and by the looks of his writing, should be … Continue reading

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Jordan: The Ancient City of Petra

    Our journey to Petra started out with our departure from Dahab to the Egyptian port city of Nuweiba where we caught a two hour ferry to Aqaba, Jordan.  From this point,  we boarded a minibus that would take … Continue reading

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Finding Nemo in the Desert

(Editor’s Note: Due to popular demand from a few readers, we will now be adding maps on where we have travelled from/to in regards to the current blog post.)   At the last minute, we decided to cut our time … Continue reading

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Aswan & Luxor, Egypt: Temples, Temples, Everywhere

Even with all the inconveniences and hassles we’ve had so far in Egypt, I do have to admit their ancient ancestors  built some magnificent monuments.  We took an overnight train from Cairo to Aswan, which is in the far southern … Continue reading

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The Great Pyramid (Scheme)

Our next highlight of the trip came with a visit to one of the most revered architectural sites in the world: The Pyramids of Giza. A short twenty minute taxi ride to the outskirts of Cairo, and we there we … Continue reading

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Cairo: City of a Thousand Headaches

Cairo, Egypt. Thoughts of the pyramids, ancient civilizations, and Indiana Jones movies come to mind. After experiencing Cairo and its seventeen million people for a couple days, I’m pretty sure my thoughts are of pyramids, headaches, insane traffic, and people trying … Continue reading

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