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Trip’s Over…. I Found my Calling!

I have an urgent announcement: our trip around the world has been cut short. After much thought and 100% support from Dana, I have decided to open up my own snorkeling operation on the coast of Nungwi Beach on Zanzibar … Continue reading

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Just try to say ZANZIBAR Without Smiling!

We entered Tanzania and had a few long driving days until we reached the coast of the Indian Ocean and then off to the magical island of Zanzibar.  Zanzibar is a part of Tanzania, but still separate enough that you … Continue reading

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Keep on Truckin’: A Day in the Life of an African Overland Tour

After passing through Malawi and into Tanzania, we have reached the halfway point of our overland journey through Africa. Since many of our posts have focused on the actual highlight destinations and not the days of travel in between, we … Continue reading

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Kande Land

Our next stop on the drive north through Africa took us to the country of Malawi, to the shores of Kande Beach. Pronounced just like candy, it is on the shores of Lake Malawi, which makes up the entire eastern … Continue reading

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The King of the Jungle and Elephant Alarm Clocks

As we headed north through Zambia we arrived in Chipata, a village that is on the outer boundary of the Luangwa National Park.  Our campsite was separated by only a river…. that was frequently inhabited by hippos and elephants!  Upon … Continue reading

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The Smoke that Thunders and Terminator 2

With a blog post like this, it would be assumed that there is an exciting story to go along with it. This assumption would be correct. Back home, Dana and I wouldn’t be considered “outdoorsy”, however Africa has given us … Continue reading

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The Okavango Delta

The next stop on our trip was to the Okavango delta for a two day excursion into the wilderness. The Okavango delta is the world’s largest inland delta. The massive area of land is home to over 200,000 large mammals … Continue reading

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