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Beaches, Mountains, Waterfalls… and Evel Knievel?

Mauritius has been a whirlwind of beaches, waterfalls, mountains… and a death-defying transportation system. Yes, the sights here absolutely beautiful. The beaches are white, the ocean is a shade of turquoise that is usually only seen in postcards, and mountains … Continue reading

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Mauritius: Photo Essay

Sometimes it’s easier to let the photos do the talking. Here are some pictures from our first two days in Mauritius:

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Adventures in Transit: 3 Countries in 3 Days

Going into the trip, we knew the first week was going to be a hectic one.  Our first stop was going to be the shortest of any of our stops around the globe.  We stayed in Europe for such a … Continue reading

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Amsterdam in 48 Hours

Amsterdam, Netherlands – So much for following the itinerary, huh? Spending a total of 2 days in Amsterdam is the least amount of time we will be spending in any place we visit. After our snap decision to get on … Continue reading

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Choose Your Own Adventure: Vol. 1

We knew this trip of a lifetime was going to produce all sorts of exciting memories, we just didn’t know our first one would happen so soon. Our connecting flight from Milwaukee to Detroit left us with approximately 2 minutes … Continue reading

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A Farewell from our #1 Fans

On the day of our departure from the States, we wanted to take a moment to give a special goodbye to two members of the team who have supported us the entire way. Spanky and Wrigley, our Bulldog and Jack … Continue reading

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Adam & Dana: Getting to Know Us

Yep, those packs you see in the picture above are our “homes” for the next year. While they are a far cry from the normal comforts of home, Dana and I think that these two packs will provide us the … Continue reading

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