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Madagascar Photo Essay: Sunsets, Kids, and Wildlife

After visiting the Tsingy, Dana and I visited a Lemur Preserve, Baobab Avenue, and lots of little villages with very happy children. Here are a few of the wonderful pictures we took over the past few days:

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Tsingy: “Where One Cannot Walk Barefoot”

Our first night in the Tsingy (pronounced SING-e) was pretty interesting. Let me first start by saying that my biggest phobia is spiders.  I had no idea what was in store for me that first evening, when Mamy (our guide, … Continue reading

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The Red Island and the Road From Hell

The expedition through Madagascar started bright and early the morning after the Independence Day celebration.  The tour would take us through the mountains of central Madagascar, descend into the lower plains to the southwest and the Oceanside town of Morondava, … Continue reading

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Happy Independence Day… for Madagascar!

From the moment we got past customs, we knew Madagascar was going to be unlike any place we have previously visited. As soon as we made it though security in Antananarivo we had about 8 different people coming to us … Continue reading

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