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Finding Nemo in the Desert

(Editor’s Note: Due to popular demand from a few readers, we will now be adding maps on where we have travelled from/to in regards to the current blog post.)   At the last minute, we decided to cut our time … Continue reading

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Aswan & Luxor, Egypt: Temples, Temples, Everywhere

Even with all the inconveniences and hassles we’ve had so far in Egypt, I do have to admit their ancient ancestors  built some magnificent monuments.  We took an overnight train from Cairo to Aswan, which is in the far southern … Continue reading

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The Great Pyramid (Scheme)

Our next highlight of the trip came with a visit to one of the most revered architectural sites in the world: The Pyramids of Giza. A short twenty minute taxi ride to the outskirts of Cairo, and we there we … Continue reading

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Cairo: City of a Thousand Headaches

Cairo, Egypt. Thoughts of the pyramids, ancient civilizations, and Indiana Jones movies come to mind. After experiencing Cairo and its seventeen million people for a couple days, I’m pretty sure my thoughts are of pyramids, headaches, insane traffic, and people trying … Continue reading

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