Vamos a la playa! Time to hit the beach in Mancora, Peru

Our departure from Lima to northern Peru and into Ecuador was just in time- we were due for some warm weather along the Pacific coast beaches of South America. Another (what now seems to be mandatory) 18-hour overnight bus ride, and we showed up at around 6 am to the sleepy beach town of Mancora, Peru. We caught a quick nap at our guesthouse, and headed out to the beach around mid-day. The warm weather was a nice departure from some of the cool, damp weather we experienced through much of Bolivia and Peru in the Andes.

A view of the beach from Mancora, Peru.

Mancora doesn’t have much in the way of entertainment or activities- just one main street lined with restaurants and a few shops. The benefit of such a laid-back place was not too many tourists and amazing food at great prices. One of the places we found to eat was a place called Papa Mo’s. Created by an older couple from the United States, they had a few things on their menu we haven’t seen in a while- the most important being real waffles. That was a random surprise, and they were fantastic. It was closed for dinner though, so Dana and I had to find somewhere else to eat in the evenings. After a tip from a local, we checked out a cevicheria nearby, and wow, it did not disappoint. They served a mountain of seafood in their ceviche, and it was just as incredible as what we had in Lima.

Main St. in Mancora

When you see the Dr. Seuss sign, its gotta be good

Some of the freshest seafood in the world, all for about $5

We spent four days in Mancora enjoying the sun and getting ready for another move northwards to Ecuador. You might remember we met a nice couple named Jorge and Carla from Ecuador back in Egypt. They were supposed to be back from their travels by the time we reached Ecuador, but wouldn’t you know it- they are still travelling the world, in southeast Asia when we last checked with them. I gave Jorge a quick e-mail the day before we were ready to head up to Guayaquil (Ecuador’s largest city), and within a couple hours he had me in touch with his dad, Jorge Sr. about our visit. He asked for our bus information and when we were scheduled to arrive, and a sign with our names on it. Did we make it there safely? Check the blog later this week to find out.


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1 Response to Vamos a la playa! Time to hit the beach in Mancora, Peru

  1. Carol Knabe says:

    Hi Dana and Adam
    Just going thru my Galapagos pictures to make a show and found your travel go lucky info in my diary. Hopefully you are married by now and everything is going smoothly. We were the “older” couple with cameras (Carol and Jerry) and daughter, Sue (also with a camera). I see we are on several of your pictures. Was going to attach a panga pictures with both of you but I don’t see an attachment available. If you want, send me your email address and I’ll forward it.
    Carol Knabe
    Nelson, WI

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