Peru-sing Through Lima

With all of the long bus rides we’ve endured the past couple months Adam and I opted out of a 24 hour bus ride through the Andes mountains and chose a 1 hour flight to Lima, Peru. The price was only $30 more per person, and we both thought it was worth it to save 23 hours of our time. I was very excited to get to Lima because we would be meeting up with my cousin Jessie, and I haven’t seen her in a long time. While checking into our flight from Cusco we met a great couple from New York City, Rocio and Bernard. We instantly clicked with them and when we heard our flight was going to delayed we decided to head over to the bar and talk over drinks. We enjoyed our South American special, the Pisco Sour. The airport restarant bar wasn’t anything fancy, but the drinks were pretty good. After a few delays taking off from Cusco, we were in Lima in what seemed like a flash. We shared a ride with Rocio and Bernard and their hotel was right next door to Jessie’s apartment, so our carpooling worked out perfectly.
My cousins apartment was beautiful and had an awesome location and view of the Pacific ocean. Adam and I were truly lucky to have family to stay with especially in such a great part of town. One of the coolest things about visiting Jessie was being able to enjoy a few “American” things such as Blue Moon beer. Because Jessie works for the U.S. Embassy in Lima, they have a special program where people who work there can specially order products that normally wouldn’t be available in Peru.

The tremendous view from Jessie's apartment

Dana and Jessie enjoying the view of the sunset from her apartment

While visiting we went to one of the highest recommeded cevicherias, where ceviche is the main dining attraction. The dish is usually made from fresh raw fish marinated in lime juice and spiced with peppers. The acidity of the lime juice actually cooks the fish. In Peru they add red onion and a side of large kernel corn. Adam loves the stuff and I’m pretty sure he’ll be having a lot more of it as we head north up the Peruvian coastline.

This stuff is GOOD.

One night I tagged along to a ladies night happy hour sushi at the Marriott next door and met some of her co-workers, and celebrated a friend’s birthday party while Adam stayed back and napped. It was  a great visit and very relaxing which was welcomed after all the hiking in the rain during the Inca Trail on the way to Machu Picchu.  The next day we met Rocio and Bernard and had a great time checking out the main plaza, a few churches,  and heading over to Lima’s Chinatown and trying their highly recommended Chifas that everyone was raving about. Chifa is a version of South American Chinese food. It’s awfully similar to what our Chinese restaurants are like in the States, but it was a nice change of pace. After a couple more days or relaxing, we needed to get ready for (ugh) another bus ride along the coast through northern Peru.
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