Glaciers, Flamingos, and Super Bowls

Puerto Natales, Chile to El Calafate, Argentina

Adam and I boarded a bus from Puerto Natales, Chile to El Calate, Argentina on a quick (by our new standards) four-hour bus ride. El Calafate was a really nice, touristy town with great restaurants. After being exhausted from hiking Torres del Paine the past 4 days we were in the mood for some relaxing.  After resting the entire first day we took a walking tour around a lagoon the second day. There were lots of birds, including flamingos, which was cool but strange to see them in a mountainous setting.

The Calafate berry, for which the town is named

The next day just Tuula, Anu and I went out to see Perito Moreno Glacier, a UNESCO Heritage site. Adam stayed back because he was preparing for the Super Bowl, and his team was finally in it this year. The Perito Moreno Glacier is one of only three Patagonian glaciers that is growing. It is also the third largest freshwater reserve in the world. What was really amazing was that since it was such a nice sunny day the glacier was really active and we would hear the ice cracking and breaking and crashing down in the waters below. We brought our own lunches and found a nice bench and sat there for  afew hours enjoying the beautiful sights of the glacier and the sun on our faces.

Color-coordinated for the glacier viewing

Later that evening, all dressed in green to support Adam’s Green Bay Packers in the Super Bowl.  We really enjoyed our Super Bowl party of wine, beer, chips, homemade guacamole and hot dogs. The game was on in our hostel we stayed at, but comentated in spanish. The whole night Adam would Skype our friends back home during commercial breaks to talk about the latest plays. Anu and Tuula would ask questions about the rules or fouls called and Adam had a great time teaching them the rules of the game. The ended in a victory for Adam and his fellow Packers fans, and for him it was an unforgettable moment from the trip, watching his team win their fourth Super Bowl, and the second one since he’s been alive. I can attest to the fact he has been a good fan while travelling, managing to watch games at 1 or 4am in the morning in Asia whenever we had wifi (special thanks to Brad Linssen for his DirecTV Sunday Ticket login!)

Super Bowl Champs! GO PACK!



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2 Responses to Glaciers, Flamingos, and Super Bowls

  1. Bruce Johnson says:

    I had read most of these posts before, but apparently only on my iPhone. Those glacier photos were awesome. These were so much more dramatic than the ones we saw in New Zealand with the lake below rather than just a river of melting ice. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Bruce Johnson says:

    I forgot to mention the story heard on NPR recently about Flamingos that ended up somewhere in really cold Siberia several years ago after having migrated 180 degrees in the wrong direction. They apparently aren’t only in Florida and the everglades.

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