Antarctica Diary, Days 9 & 10: The Journey Home

After Yankee Harbor, the MV Ushuaia immediately headed north, back home. Even though it was time to say farewell to Antarctica, it left us with a couple more beautiful memories and surprise or two as well.

There was one thing we missed the entire time in Antarctica: sunsets. When you are so far south, there was no such thing as a sunset, only twilight, even around midnight. As we moved north, we were treated to a beautiful sunset, and almost immediately after, a moon rise.

We also had a few of Antarctica’s rarer inhabitants send us off as well. A group of killer whales follow alongside the ship for close to an hour. Unfortunately they are incredibly hard to photograph, but I did my best to get a few good photos. It was definitely a “you had to be there” moment.

Our last night as we arrived into the Beagle Channel was spent at the official Captain’s dinner. This final meal did not disappoint. We had king crab cocktail, filet mignon, and a champagne toast. The Captain also joined us for this dinner. It was a great time, with great friends.  Speaking of friends, we met a lot of great people on this trip. The Toomey sisters from California, Chris and Sam from Chicago, Daniel and Carl from Sweden, Anu and Tuula from Finland, and Miri from Israel were all great passengers we got to know really well and hope to meet up with again in the future.

Our tour leader Monica and the Captain toasting the dining room

Our fantastic final dinner

A couple of our good friends, Kelly and Megan Toomey at the Captain's dinner

Our last morning I got one small surprise in the form of a gigantic object. Across the pier from our boat, I got to see none other than Paul Allen’s yacht. If you don’t know that name, you might recognize his title as the co-founder of Microsoft. He also owns the Portland Trailblazers and Seattle Seahawks. Anyways, it was really cool to see his yacht, named “The Octopus”, in real life, even though the thing looks bigger than some commercial cruise ships.

That is one massive personal watercraft... which also houses three(!) helicopters

I tried to see if Dana and I could sneak on, but unfortunately there was too much security

And just like that, our once-in-a-lifetime trip within a once-in-a-lifetime journey came to a close. We were both incredibly happy we made the decision to take this trip. Like I said in an earlier post, this will probably be the closest either of us gets to visiting another planet in our lifetime. We hope you have enjoyed our posts from this experience and that they accurately displayed just how amazing our time was visiting the most mysterious continent on the planet.

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5 Responses to Antarctica Diary, Days 9 & 10: The Journey Home

  1. jpfmovies says:

    We just got back from the lost continent too and it was by far the most incredible trip I have ever taken–and I have been pretty much all over the world. The killer whales are breath taking creatures as is everything else about the journey–it is not a trip, it’s an adventure. Here are some of our shots from our voyage.

    • akiefer says:

      I totally agree…. great video! I am working on putting up a couple of mine on youtube within the next few days… I have a lot of really great footage but my netbook isn’t powerful enough to edit the HD video shot from my SLR. Check back in late summer when a lot more of it is edited and cleaned up…

  2. Sandy Case says:

    I loved the blog and the photographs so much, it was an amazing journey. You are both so fortunate!!!! And you,ll have your blog to look back on. You should turn your blog into a coffeetable book. Your photo shots are amazing …… have a safe trip home. YOU DID IT!!!!!

  3. Megan says:

    Love the pictures (though Chris nearly ruined the one of us, haha), and thanks for the shout-out!! I just posted the link on my Fb page 🙂

    We miss you guys! Let me know how Ecuador goes and if you have any questions about what to do (or what I wrote about)!

  4. Bruce Johnson says:

    Awesome sunset and moon rise pics! It sounds like you’re glad you decided to go to Antarctica.

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