Antarctica Diary, Day 5: Wilhelmina Bay and Danco Island

Day 5

Adam, early am: We woke up this morning to the only bad news we could possibly hear….. a landing cancellation! Due to rough waters around the island we were scheduled to visit, our morning trip had to be postponed. The whole ship is pretty disappointed, but from the sound of it, the tour leaders may try to plan an alternate trip later today…..

Adam, after lunch: We just finished up a “mini cruise” through Wilhelmina Bay, which was okay, but still not a great substitute for missing our morning landing.  The weather does look rough right now to say the least. There were some eerie looking landscapes, and it was especially interesting to see just how white an iceberg is in real life. We are now heading to our scheduled afternoon landing on Danco Island.

The white of the iceberg against the black water was spooky

Looks like another planet in some places

Can you spot the lone seal floating along??

Danco Island

Adam: As we continue our way further down south, the weather continues to get colder. Our landing on Danco Island gave us our first opportunity to trample through the snow and feel what the brutal wind of Antarctica is capable of.

Home to a large rookery of gentoo penguins, Danco Island gave us a wonderful view of the surrounding landscapes, but it was quite a hike to appreciate them. It was good to get some exercise though… we are starting to think the cooking on board the ship is a little too good, and too much!

On the way up, we watched how the penguins operate along ‘highways, making it easier to not get lost. We had to be careful to walk along the human highway on the hike, and stay away from the penguin highways.

Once at the top, we got a great view of our surroundings, including the ship, which looked like a little toy out in the distance. At the top, we made snow angels, had a snowball fight, and of course, took lots of pictures. On the way back, Dana and I got the good news that in the next day or two we will get to do an extra zodiac cruise through some of the icebergs in our next location!

Gentoo penguins braving the rough winds... and it's currently summer!

Maybe they'll let me come along too?

At the top of Danco Island

The penguin 100 meter dash

Dana and Anu

Enjoying the view



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1 Response to Antarctica Diary, Day 5: Wilhelmina Bay and Danco Island

  1. I’m looking forward to the iceberg pics tomorrow; I love the color of that blue ice.

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