Welcome to the “Big Mango”, aka Bangkok

Adam and I arrived in Bangkok, Thailand excited to finally be in Southeast Asia. We have heard so many wonderful things about this region of Asia:  great food, vast amounts of bargain shopping, and friendly people. I knew we weren’t going to be here long so we tried to make most of our short time in Thailand. We had originally planned to travel throughout Thailand to enjoy their exquisite beaches to the south, but unfortunately they were experiencing some bad rains and flooding, so we decided to change our plans a little and travel to India after a few days in Bangkok. We both had one thing on mind our first day out in Bangkok: Thai massage. We made our way over to Wat Pho, the oldest and largest Buddhist temple in Bangkok, and home to the largest reclining Buddha in the world. Wat Pho is also the birthplace of the Thai massage so were in for a treat that day. Walking around the Temple was astounding, the bright colors and uses of thousands of tiny little mirrors was spectacular. The style was so beautiful to me after seeing so much of the Chinese and Japanese temple designs, it was nice to see something a bit different. Walking into the temple where the giant Buddha was a little over whelming, it was a lot bigger than I expected it to be, and taking pictures was kind of hard because you were in a confined area and couldn’t step back too far. After walking around the temple we noticed on the area map they offered massages on the temple premises, so Adam and I headed over. We each received one hour massages for about $8 each, and they were fantastic! Definitely one of the best deals we’ve had on the trip so far.

Hanging out with a long line of Buddhas

The world's largest reclining Buddha

Ancient statue of Marco Polo, tossing coins in buckets for good luck, reclining Buddha

The street food in Bangkok has been some of the best we have had the entire trip. Everywhere you go there is some sort of cart selling everything from fried chicken to fresh fruit. We never went hungry while roaming the streets here. Our last day Adam and I took a tuktuk into a mall area and walked up and down all the different levels through the many shops. It was too much for words at how much stuff these places could hold, and everything was folded so nicely. Adam and I even found a salon and got our hair cut for only $4 a piece, now that’s a great deal. We also checked out Pantip Plaza. It was exactly like a mall back home except in addition to selling electronics, they sold every type of pirated computer software and video games imaginable.  This place would be shut down in about 10 minutes back in the U.S.  Adam was overwhelmed because he didn’t know what store to go into first, but once you’ve 5 or 6 of these stores you’ve pretty much seen them all. We had a pretty exhausting day of window shopping and actual shopping. Adam and I were bummed about the bad weather by the beaches in Thailand, but realized that this is part of the unpredictability of a trip like this and got ready for our flight to India.

Crazy Bangkok traffic, Pantip Plaza, the legendary "tuktuk"

Street food, Ronald performing the "Wai" greeting, more grilled street food

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1 Response to Welcome to the “Big Mango”, aka Bangkok

  1. Dr. Lynne says:

    An $8 massage?? That is awesome! That’s the way it should be in our country…the things to help your body function at a higher level shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg! So Adam got a $4 haircut? haha a step up from his last one!!

    travel safe! big hugs!

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