Photo Essay: Mini-Spanky visits the Ancients

Here is the latest installment of Mini-Spanky and his travels around the globe, this time checking out Egypt, Jordan, and Greece. Unfortunately, he was refused entry to the Parthenon because it is illegal to take photos of miniature cartoon-like representations in front of it. Seriously.

Wow, those Pyramids are HUGE!

Spanky attempting to fill-in for the one statues of Ramsses II that was destroyed. Nice fit.

Scoping out Hatshepsut's Temple

"That might be a little too big as my next dog house...."

He sure likes to pose in front of Petra!

"I could get used to living here in Santorini!"

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One Response to Photo Essay: Mini-Spanky visits the Ancients

  1. Bruce Johnson says:

    Are you serious about not being able to take photos of Spanky Jr. in the Parthenon? I think you said it was illegal to do so in front of (outside of) the Parthenon also; how is that possible? (Can you say telephoto lens?)

    That sounds like reason enough to travel to Greece; to achieve such an objective in an apparently humorless country. (I’m sure that is only true of some officials w/o a sense of humor and with an inflated sense of Athena and history.)

    How is Wrigley taking being left out of all of the noteriety?

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