The Acropolis: The Final Act of our Greek Comedy

Wow… Those are some Big Rocks! On our last day of the trip in Greece, we checked out the world famous site of the Acropolis, which holds in it the Parthenon.  History was never a passion of mine during my school years so my knowledge and appreciation for what I was experiencing was sub par. Adam found this place to be pretty interesting, however. Nevertheless, you can’t help but look at the Parthenon and be completely amazed at how it was constructed a couple thousand years ago.  The size of the marble pieces was unfathomable! It must have required such teamwork and precision to move and construct.

CONTEST! The first person to accurately translate this passage gets a postcard from wherever Dana and Adam are currently located! We don't even know if it will make any sense!


The worksmanship was excellent. We could only imagine what this looked like when it was first built.



Yanni has performed here. Now that's impressive!


Dana making her way up to the Parthenon, some fine statue work, Tom trying to figure out what time his flight is back to the USA

Unfortunately, we didn’t find the rest of Athens to be all that appealing and have a lot else to offer. Other than our time visiting the Acropolis, we all agreed that Athens lacked some of the ‘wow’ factor that the islands gave us.


A view of Athens from atop the Parthenon

This was an experience that I will never forget and am proud to say I had to opportunity to see in real life instead of just in a history book. Dana and Adam were wonderful tour guides and I was very lucky to be a part of their team on this amazing journey of theirs.


For one day only, two Greek gods made an appearance at the Parthenon. Ha!


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