Jordan: The Ancient City of Petra


From Dahab, Egypt to Petra, Jordan


Our journey to Petra started out with our departure from Dahab to the Egyptian port city of Nuweiba where we caught a two hour ferry to Aqaba, Jordan.  From this point,  we boarded a minibus that would take us to Wadi Musa, the small town just outside of Petra.  There were six other travelers from England, Belgium, and Australia who we met on the ferry and grouped together with in order to make it less susceptible to be scammed on the minibus. The trip was interesting to say the least, as the driver didn’t seem to like us to begin with as we haggled pretty hard for our agreed upon price before leaving.  About an halfway through the three hour bus ride, the co-pilot decided to put on a movie on. A bootleg copy of Hannah Montana. If this is why some Middle Easterners dislike Americans, I totally get it. I would too if this was the quality of movies available! Upon our arrival to Wadi Musa, the driver tried to extort more money out of our group of eight tourists. He refused to take our money, so I took it and placed it on the drivers seat, when he then proceeded to tell me placing money on a seat/truck floor is against the law and he was going to call the police. I rolled my eyes and told Dana we were walking away now.  We found a decent place to sleep and put the long day of travelling behind us for our big day at Petra the next morning.


Our ferry from Egypt to Jordan



Bootlegged Hannah Montana DVD's in Jordan. You just can't make that kind of stuff up.


Even if you aren’t familiar with the ancient city of Petra, there’s a good chance that you’ve seen it before, even if you didn’t recognize it. Petra was used in both Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade, where Indiana attempts to find the Holy Grail and Transformers 2, where one those ridiculous transformer cubes were hidden.  Of the ancient sites we’ve seen so far on the trip, this one was one of the most dramatic, walking through a sandstone canyon that was created by the earth tearing itself apart thousands of years ago, and then the most famous view of Petra unfolds with the towering façade known as “The Treasury.”

We did a few hikes through the rest of where the canyon opens up to the rest of the ancient city. One hike that we took to see the Monastery was really exhausting but totally worth it when we got to see the view. I could write about how everything looked, but I think the pictures do it much better justice.


From Left: Both of Us at 6am Opening, Dana resting in one of the canyons, Me doing a goofy jump photo



One of the many donkeys available to carry you up the tougher hikes



Petra's Treasury is such an imposing creation... It makes you feel like you're on a movie set!



More of Petra's ruins



The Monastery doesn't look that big in this picture...



From Left:....but I'm a speck in it's doorway, Dana along the entryway canyon, camels getting ready for a big day


We spent a second day at Petra, but we got there right at 6:30 am when it opened. Arriving the same way through the canyon, the time we spent at the Treasury on this morning was one of our favorite moments of the trip so far, because we were literally the only ones there for at least 45 minutes or so.  Sometimes when Dana and I get to a famous site or attraction on our trip, we are often there with hundreds of other people going to see the same thing. To spend almost a whole hour taking pictures of Petra with no one else there and just reflect on what a beautiful site it was definitely made it an unforgettable experience.

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  1. Dr. Lynne says:

    What a super cool place! Thanks for sharing all the great photos! Hope you guys continue to stay safe and enjoy your travels!
    PS Baby is here!!

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