Farewells, Deep Lakes, and Equator Crossings…

All but two of our twenty-eight members of the overland trip got off the truck in Nairobi, Kenya after we departed the Serengeti. They represented Chile, Canada, England, Germany, Scotland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, and Australia…… and Adam and I will miss all of them dearly for the rest of our time in Africa. The great thing is we know we will be seeing many of them later on in our travels!

It's not "Goodbye", it's "See You Later"

After our goodbyes, we took off for Uganda and picked up our twelve new overlanders.  We already had our hopes up for the next destination,  Lake Bunyonyi, because our driver Nic told us that this would be a really cool place, but before we trucked up the narrow windy roads we had to get some food for dinner in town. Shopping here was a little tough because the store had more alcoholic selections than food. Adam was on cooking group this night and was trying to find his group and couldn’t find them, so he wandered off. One thing lead to another and he was talking with some of the locals and one really nice guy offered to give him a ride back to the truck on the back of his motorcycle. It was a funny site to see Adam grinning ear to ear on the back of this bike, unfortunately we didn’t get any pictures of this because it all happened so fast.

No guardrails on these roads...

The town where Adam went on a joyride with a local..

The drive up the hilly, narrow, windy, dusty road seemed to take a lot longer than we expected, but it was worth the wait. Once we arrived and saw the lake it was really nice. That evening the group hung out by the bar and played a couple card games and had a great night.  The next morning I was excited to just hang out and swim in this magnificent lake, the deepest in Uganda.

Deepest lake in Uganda. Here is the sign to prove it!

We eventually got bored of sitting around in the sun and decided to jump off of a rickety homemade div ing platform on top of an old tree.  Something like this would never fly in America, there would be ten million lawyers hanging out by it until someone had a lawsuit ready to go.  After watching the guys from Australia do it a bunch of times, I mustered up the courage and just started climbing. The guys were really surprised that I was going to go through with this. Once I reached the top I realized what I did wasn’t really that smart and I froze with fear. It was a lot higher than it looked down there on the dock. I had to take a few minutes of deep breaths and I did it! I was also the only girl out of the group to jump. It was crazy and exciting and totally worth it. The next morning Adam jumped off the same tree but he did it in a hurry, because he said he hated standing there once he reached the top.

My Air Jordan pose...

Adam jumped off in a hurry...

We also had our big moment of crossing the Equator by land on our way to the lake. Adam and I attempted to jump through the sign as goofy as possible for a good photo. In a couple days we will arrive at one of our most anticipated destinations of the entire trip, Virunga National Park… home to almost all of the 700 mountain gorillas in the world.



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7 Responses to Farewells, Deep Lakes, and Equator Crossings…

  1. your mother! says:

    DANA! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? Jumping off a tree?!? I read the blog without seeing the picture first and thought, Oh, that Adam, he’s such a daredevil. Then I read the part about being the only girl and I thought, OMG, it’s Dana!

    Dad says it looks like fun……and he’s glad you’re still alive!

    • dana10l says:

      Sorry Mom, it’s just like a high diving board at a water park 🙂 it was a lot of fun though. Don’t worry I didn’t even come close to touching the bottom of that lake. Thanks Dad for being glad I’m ok, love you guys xoxo

  2. Hey Adam and Dana! I am enjoying all your blog posts! I feel like I am traveling with you. I wish we could meet up when we are in europe next month. I am really enjoying all your pictures adam – what camera are you using on your trip?

    • akiefer says:

      Europe next month would’ve been nice….. I am using the Canon 550D aka Canon Rebel T2i… I absolutely love it, I’m sure i’ll do some sort of review on it at some point on the blog… i have a 18-200mm lens, 75-300mm lens, and a 50mm prime lens. I have definitely learned TONS about photography on this trip, and the amazing subject matter makes it even easier to learn quickly.

  3. John K. Carpenter says:

    Awesome Jumps! Hope everything is well with you and Dana. Please continue to enjoy everything life has to offer you. Look forward to your return. Try to take pictures of animals that resemble your friends back here in the states especially Erik! Ha Ha.

    Later Bro!

  4. Heather Beck says:

    Air Dana = awesome.

  5. Aunt Nancy says:

    We’ve been loving your very descriptive blog and following your adventures and KUDOS to the great photographer! What a super job you are doing! and OMG I love the Air Jordan pose! I agree—Air DANA!! very graceful indeed. How very thoughtful to have a sign at the equator! Nice photos! Keep safe! Love ya!

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