Farewell Madagascar, Hello South Africa!

Our trip to Madagascar left us with a lifetime worth of memories. In fact, the country loved me so much they decided to leave me with a parting gift right before our departure to South Africa: e coli poisioning! Since this is a family friendly blog, I’ll spare you all of the details, but I had a pretty rough few days after our departure from the Tsingy. We left for South Africa three days early, I got some rest and antibiotics in Johannesburg, by the time we arrived in Cape Town everything was back to normal.

The scene in both the Johannesburg and Cape Town airports were chaos, as we were arriving right after the quarterfinals. If you were wondering if vuvuzelas are even more annoying in person than on TV, yes, they are. The drone of the vuvuzelas followed us everywhere we would go  up until the World Cup final. Sadly, we didn’t get to attend any matches as the remaining games were too far away from where we needed to be to begin our overland safari. Watching the final match from downtown Cape Town was a great experience to see all the passionate fans dressed up like they were going to watch the Super Bowl, but dressed up in orange for The Netherlands and red and yellow for Spain. Being a soccer player herself, Dana really enjoyed teaching me the finer points of soccer strategy over the past few weeks.

Dana showing off her penalty kick form

After the World Cup we took a ferry from Cape Town to visit Robben Island, a UNESCO world heritage site where Nelson Mandela was kept for much of his sentence as a political prisoner. Former inmates from the island give the tours which makes it a very moving experience. Reading about apartheid versus actually learning about it from the prisoners perspective gives so much more insight into how awful it was. We visited Mandela’s prison cell, the limestone quarry where he worked, and the common areas of the prison.

Nelson Mandela's Prison Cell

Entrance to Robben Island

Cape Town is an absolutely gorgeous city, and that statement really can’t even do it justice. The backdrop of Table Mountain behind the downtown area of Cape Town is breathtaking,the African Penguins of Boulders Beach are hilarious, and the Cape of Good Hope National Park makes you feel like you are really at the southern edge of the world.

View of Cape Town in the background from Robben Island

The Penguins of Boulder Beach

Cape of Good Hope, the Southwestern most point of Africa

Hiking up Table Mountain was a lot of fun, although I pretty winded by the end of it. We managed to make it to the top just under two hours, which is actually pretty good. The views of Cape Town from the top were incredible (I’m starting to run out of adjectives for just how remarkable the views were, but they are all true).

At this point I was wondering what we got ourselves into

Dana at the top of Table Mountain

We have REALLY enjoyed our time in Cape Town and are getting anxious to start the big 54 day Safari through South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya, and Uganda. More soon after we start out on our next big adventure!

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2 Responses to Farewell Madagascar, Hello South Africa!

  1. Judson Englett says:

    Adam and Dana,

    Wow, it sounds like a great time so far. I hope your journeys continue to go well and inspire us all. Thanks for sharing all about the rest of the world with us desk/domestic jockeys back here. I hate to hear about the e coli but I’m glad you are not going straight to South/Central America after this. I would hate to have Madagascar and Montezuma take their revenge on you in the same trip.


  2. Devon says:

    I went to the top of Table Mountain….but I rode up! 🙂 Did you get to visit any wineries?

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