Madagascar Photo Essay: Sunsets, Kids, and Wildlife

After visiting the Tsingy, Dana and I visited a Lemur Preserve, Baobab Avenue, and lots of little villages with very happy children. Here are a few of the wonderful pictures we took over the past few days:

Baobab Avenue in the Morning

Happy Kids by a Fruit Stand

Male Chameleon (They don't change color)

Female Chameleon

Paper Airplanes!


The Famous Ring Tail Lemur....... Meditating

The Amish Lemur.... Just Kidding!

Baobab Avenue at Sunset

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8 Responses to Madagascar Photo Essay: Sunsets, Kids, and Wildlife

  1. Aunt Nancy says:

    Dana and Adam –We love seeing your smiling faces in these far away places –some of which we’ve never heard of! You have taken some incredible photos! And we love your very imaginative observations. We are glad you are enjoying your adventure –even the rough parts.
    Aunt Nancy

  2. Matteo Cirigliano says:

    Unreal!!! Its Amazing.

  3. Devon says:

    Cool pics! I especially like the “Amish Lemur” and the sunset pictures 🙂

  4. Jere says:

    The Baobab Avenue at sunset picture is amazing. Glad to see that the two of you are enjoying the experience thus far.

    So Adam, how are you going to manage your Fantasy Football team from abroad? Who is going to take on Simeon? 😉

    • akiefer says:

      It’s time for the Ninja Monkeys to spread their wings and fly. Also, I just had some monkeys that were all over our campsite last nite so I’ll get you some good pictures for your football profile buddy. Tell everyone at CAE hello when you get a chance.

  5. michelle says:

    I love your pictures and stories…you both are wonderful at sharing your experiences with us! I am so happy for the both of you and can’t wait to read more!!!

  6. Heather Beck says:

    amazing pics (love Paper Airplanes)…I look forward these updates! thanks for sharing the Baobab photos. breath-taking!

  7. Nick and Veronica Jones says:

    We have been looking at your pics and reading your blog, we just want to say that everything looks like fun! Hope both of you are enjoying your journey and learning and exploring new things! We wish you two come back home soon safe and in one Nick would like to know more info about how to get info about hostels and stuff. Both of you take care, Mom and Dad says hey and Isabella too!!

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