Adventures in Transit: 3 Countries in 3 Days

Going into the trip, we knew the first week was going to be a hectic one.  Our first stop was going to be the shortest of any of our stops around the globe.  We stayed in Europe for such a short time because we were  using it as our ‘springboard’ to get to Africa. We found a great deal on a flight from Frankfurt to Mauritius and needed to plan the early part of the trip based on this information.  Throw in the monkey wrench of the standby flight to Amsterdam, that left us with an 8 hour bus ride from Amsterdam to Frankfurt followed the next day by a 12 hour flight to the island of Mauritius.

Everything went according to plan except for one big problem: taking out cash in the Frankfurt train station, the ATM thought it would be a great idea to EAT MY CARD with a big flashing red X next to the notification that it was being retained.  After calling all of my banks the week before and letting them know all of our upcoming locations, this really ticked me off. Thank goodness I have a backup, but really shouldn’t have happened. We will see how well customer service works 10,000 miles from Home.

Having arrived in Mauritius safely we are looking forward to relaxing on the beach for awhile and exploring the country’s only National Park later this week. More to come about Mauritius, along with a preview of one of the biggest highlights of our trip, the island of Madagascar.

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4 Responses to Adventures in Transit: 3 Countries in 3 Days

  1. Katherine says:

    So fun to see your adventures so far! Beautiful pictures.

  2. Debbie Meyer says:

    Adam and Dana,

    I am just getting caught up on all of your recent posts since the trip started. It seems like you are already seasoned travelers by encountering the travel fiascos! So jealous about your first class upgrade to Amsterdam. Enjoy Mauritius…


  3. Erica Mulberger says:

    I love the blog. Keep the stories and pictures coming and have a great safe trip. Your trip is a true inspiration to show that you can actually travel around the world and not just the 12 countries of EPCOT. 🙂

  4. Kez says:

    Hey Kiefer and Dana!

    I hope y’all are having an awesome time, though I’m sorry to hear about your ATM card. That’s just ridiculous, but are you absolutely positive it was an ATM? Or was it a dragon’s mouth? After all, you just left Amsterdam, and who knows how much time you spent at the bodega???

    I’m about to head to O-Town to see all those fools and hang out for a few days. I wish y’all were there, but I’m sure you’re happy to miss Burton’s while you’re out seeing the world. I’ll drink a beer for both of you, and then I’ll kick Ludemann’s butt at the Graffiti Junction punching bag game.

    Stay safe dudes!


    PS… Keep the updates rollin’ because I just checked the box to become an OFFICIAL SUBSCRIBER!

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