Choose Your Own Adventure: Vol. 1

We knew this trip of a lifetime was going to produce all sorts of exciting memories, we just didn’t know our first one would happen so soon. Our connecting flight from Milwaukee to Detroit left us with approximately 2 minutes to make our connecting flight to Frankfurt, Germany. Upon exiting the plane, the agent told us to hurry and run to gate 35.  This meant an all out sprint to the connecting flight 15 gates away. Those are always a good time, attempting to do your best 200-meter dash impersonation while rolling your luggage in one hand. Just a terribly awkward experience. Once we reached the finish line, the only thing there to greet us was a grouchy German gate agent lady who let us know the aircraft doors closed one minute ago and there was nothing we could go to get on the plane. Fantastic.

This left us with our first big decision of the trip. Should we: A.) stay overnight in Detroit and attempt to go on the same flight again tomorrow, thus losing a day? or B.) use the advantage of having a standby plane ticket and fly to Amsterdam that same night instead, despite knowing nothing about Amsterdam since we planned on arriving in Germany the entire time? We chose B. The gate agents initially told us there wasn’t enough time to make the changes necessary to get us on the flight, but after some discussions amongst themselves they attempted to see what could be done. With about 4 minutes to spare, we were given our boarding passes and told to have nice flight. Our boarding passes were listed as 1A and 2J. Last time I checked, those are usually good seats. Sure enough, they rebooked us with 2 empty seats in first class.

First Class Dining. Sure beats pretzels and peanuts.

First class seating on an overnight flight to Europe may end up spoiling us for the rest of our trip, but we could really care less. They aren’t really even seats, more like some sort of pod/chair/bed combination that fully reclined. Dinner was ordered from a real menu, the wine list featured a dozen different selections, and they even provided a real down pillow and comforter! Watching The Hangover while eating filet mignon in a fully reclined sleep pod at 30,000 feet is quite an experience. We hope it’s the first of many to come. Two days in Amsterdam and then off to Frankfurt for a flight to Mauritius. Stay Tuned!

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8 Responses to Choose Your Own Adventure: Vol. 1

  1. That butter looks delicious…

  2. Jim and Rebecca says:

    I’m happy for you and jealous of you both. Good thing we kept communication going and I stayed and watched the whole thing unfold. I’ll always be here to help and guide you from afar. Have fun

  3. Matteo "Hollywood" Cirigliano says:

    Not going to Lie As I sit here in Dawson City the Yukon I Laughed my ass off and My guest asked why am i laughing I told them and they proceeded to tell me thats not funny, but I was Like THEY GOT FIRST CLASS!!!!!!

    I dont think they understand still….. Have a Blast in Amsterdam…. Look forward to the next update.

  4. Bruce Johnson says:

    So… flying standby = first class? Nice.

  5. Lindsey says:

    That’s better than the meals we have at home!

  6. Sandy, Tim, Jake, Allissa, Christina says:

    I’d opt for the first class on the long flight !!! I’d say that is amazing way to lighten up the situation!!!! Love you blog! xoxo to you both, Sandy C

  7. Heather Beck says:

    french fried + mayo = AWESOME

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