Adam & Dana: Getting to Know Us

Yep, those packs you see in the picture above are our “homes” for the next year. While they are a far cry from the normal comforts of home, Dana and I think that these two packs will provide us the best combination of toughness, convenience, storage space, and comfort. While I have focused on taking care of the itinerary, flights, etc., Dana has become a wizard at packing the bags efficiently and keeping everything nice and organized. Here is another closer look at the insides of our bags:

Be sure to check out the Gear & Itinerary sections of the blog as they have now been updated. We have just a few more days of getting ready before we take off for Frankfurt, Germany on June 15th.

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1 Response to Adam & Dana: Getting to Know Us

  1. Bob hutton says:

    Hey guys good luck. Wish you all safe travels and hope you have an amazing time.

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