Let the Seven Day Coundown Begin….

CHICAGO, IL – We are currently one week away from the beginning of our one year journey around the world. The next twelve months will be jam packed with excitement, danger, and experiences of a lifetime. Unfortunately, the week before is jam packed with the stress of making sure everything is ready to go, goodbyes to our closest friends and family, and nervously making sure any last minutes shipments from online retailers make it to our temporary doorstops in Chicago and Milwaukee.  Our journey “technically” started with the 1000 mile drive from Orlando to Chicago, but since no one checked our passports at any of the toll booths we figure that doesn’t count. Good thing they didn’t either, since those are at the India Embassy getting stamped with our Visas. We are also in the middle of a rigorous three day training session simulating the  struggles of managing our way through Africa by using dial-up internet and sleeping on an air mattress that deflates every 3-4 hours. Good thing Dana’s parents don’t have a review site on hotels.com!

Dana saying goodbye to Florida.

Over the next few days, we will have the rest of the site ready to go with an About Us Section, Gear Preview, Itinerary, Logistics, and Over/Under (aka requisite gambling preview for if something happens more or less than we predict). So stay tuned, because the updates will be starting on a regular basis from this point on……

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14 Responses to Let the Seven Day Coundown Begin….

  1. Scott S says:

    Good luck and safe passage on your journey of enlightnment!

  2. John K. Carpenter says:

    Alright lets kick this thing off!

  3. Michelle says:

    I am so happy for the 2 of you! I truly hope this trip brings you amazing experiences and happiness!!

  4. Marie-Eve says:

    Ok , the address is on our favorites, we are ready for the online adventure

  5. Heather Beck says:

    let the journey begin! happy trails, love. xoxo!

  6. Josh Hook says:

    Good Luck on this amazing journey! Maybe we can meet up and ski somewhere crazy along the way

  7. Dad & Mom & Trav says:

    Will miss you very much. Take care of each other and have a great time. Love, Dad, Mom, Trav

  8. Lucy, the mom says:

    Hey, just thought I’d check into your blog from my “antique” dial-up ( excuse me while I give these mice another kick…). I just wanted to let you know that that air mattress thing was an intentional set-up! I hope you don’t think we treat ALL our company like that. You were special. 🙂 I am happy for you guys taking this trip and I truly wish you all the fun in the world! I’m going to want to see every one of your pictures when you get back now, and you better be smiling in every one of them! Love you and I will miss you both. xoxox mom

  9. Sandy, Tim, Jake, Allissa, Christina says:

    You guys are going to have so much fun!!!!!!!! Congrats! and post often!~ hey… it seems like your mom and dad are getting better with the idea of the trip! You will learn so much and are so lucky!

  10. kathy and dave says:

    Have an awesome trip. I will be checking in here weekly to read about all your new adventures. Stay safe and enjoy all these days of travel. I hope to see alot of pictures.
    Take care of each other
    love kathy

  11. Dad & Mom & Trav says:

    How are you guys doing? I hope fine.

  12. John K. Carpenter says:

    I’ve noticed you’ve been missing alot of working lately.

    • akiefer says:

      I wouldn’t say i’ve been missing it, BOB! Hey buddy, hope you’re doing well we’re still hanging in there… 100’s of stories to tell you already when we get back….

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